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Don’t Sleep On The Power of Fake News

Sometimes, diametrically opposed actors find common ground and engage in similar messaging as part of an information strategy. Recently, we detected an unexpected convergence between Trump supporters, former Israeli PM Netanyahu supporters, Iran and Hamas. [...]

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The Impact of Pandora Papers on Information Warfare

Your Content Goes HereLike the Panama Papers, the Pandora Papers exposes information which could potentially damage public figures and leaders. Though some of the activity described in the newly disclosed information is not illegal, some [...]

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Pro-Russian Agenda in Africa : The Cameroon Connection — Percepto International

Geopolitical Background Between December 2010 and September 2021, President Alpha Conde was Guinea’s first democratically elected president. However, Conde initiated a referendum which was held on March 22nd, 2020 that allowed him to continue as [...]

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Will Elon Musk Revolutionize The World of OSINT and Campaigns?

Elon Musk’s effort to acquire Twitter passed an important milestone yesterday when Twitter’s Board of Directors recommended to accept his offer to buy the company for 44 billion USD. It is no secret that Musk [...]

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From Asia to Africa, popular unrest goes global: Sri Lanka first in line

On July 9th the Sri Lankan crowd stormed the Presidential palace in the city capital Colombo. President (known as Gota) and his newly installed Prime Minister resigned in a moment of intense popular anger. This [...]

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