Simulated cyber-attacks that put your organization’s threat detection and response capabilities to the ultimate test.

Organizations are constantly investing in and upgrading their cyber security capabilities as malicious attacks increase in volume, frequency and potential damage. But do organizations know just how good their cyber-security programs are? Or how well they fit their specific organization’s needs? Red Teams tests the cyber-security program’s capabilities against real-world attack scenarios, helping improve the organization’s security posture.

Red team exercises are a sophisticated goal-based approach to testing security readiness & awareness. Using real-life scenarios and a variety of approaches, the goal is to assess security planning and measures to evaluate whether they are complete, relevant and appropriate to the threats the organization is facing and will face.


Of all the available cyber security assessments, a simulated cyber-attack is as close as you can get to understanding how prepared your organization is to defend against a skilled and persistent hacker. C-Sentinel users advanced capabilities to mimic real world attack scenarios, without the actual risk of being targets of such attacks.

Our comprehensive approach includes:

  • Cyber-attacks on internet-facing assets such as external networks, and vulnerable web applications which may be exploited by an attacker
  • Cyber-attacks on intranet-facing assets, such as internal and wireless networks to reveal high severity vulnerabilities within working applications, and code review to flag exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Cyber-attacks to gain access to a segmented environment holding sensitive data
  • Taking control of an IoT device or a specialist piece of equipment
  • Testing the security awareness of employees, who might disclose personal information to fictitious forms, respond to fraudulent e-mails or download malicious files.
  • Physical attacks on company facilities or employees which may be used as a conduit to obtain further access into networks and systems


Multidisciplinary Team

Our Red Teams are comprised of experts in several fields, including offensive cyber, cyber security, IT infrastructure and even human behavior to comprehensively challenge the organization’s virtual and physical cyber-security controls, measures and incident response procedures. Our knowledge of how genuine attackers operate is put to your advantage.

Intelligence-Based Activity


To ensure our clients get the best, most accurate “real-life” experience, we design our activities based on constant research and intelligence to stay abreast of the latest evasion, deception and stealth techniques and the most recent tools and exploits.

Holistic Approach

To achieve our objectives and give the organization a real “run for its money”, we employ a holistic, integrated approach. We use a wide range of techniques and capabilities to ensure the organization is as ready as it can be.

Actionable Outcome

While trying to penetrate sophisticated defense systems can be fun and rewarding in of itself, the ultimate goal is not the activity but the outcome. C-Sentinel provides a detailed post-activity report with a full review of the activity, measures taken, success and vulnerabilities. This report is focused on providing actionable insights to the stakeholders in the organization to remediate any vulnerabilities and risk identified during the activity.



    Quality, accurate intelligence is key to Red Team activity. Our intelligence experts utilize a variety of OSINT (Online Intelligence) and other tools, resources and techniques to collect information that can assist in successfully compromising the target. This typically includes info about employees, facilities, systems, networks, partners etc.


    Once intelligence has been collected, a plan of attack based on the intelligence is formulated, assets, resources and infrastructure needed for the plan are setup and concealed.


    The engagement phase of the activity entails compromising and obtaining a foothold on the target network. While pursuing the objectives, the team my attempt to exploit discovered vulnerabilities, use brute force to crack weak passwords, and social engineering techniques to gain access and drop malicious payloads.


    Once the target network is breached, the next phase is focusing on achieving the full objective(s) of the exercise. Activities at this stage can include movement in the network, tampering with / altering privileges and users access, data extraction, changes to records, etc.


    Following completion of the Red Team exercise, a comprehensive summary report is prepared and provided to key stakeholders, to help both technical and non-technical personnel understand the results of the exercise, as well as the outcome and next steps and recommendations on how to eliminate vulnerabilities and mediate and mitigate risks and threats.