In the business arena, intelligence assists C-level to decide whether or not to invest in a specific project, or to learn more about their company’s competitors. In politics, it allows mapping of opponents, identify a threat or even anticipate / prevent an event. Intelligence can probe public sentiment on a specific topic in a specific timeframe, enable fact-checking or pinpoint hostile operations directed against your company / state / party / interest. In any scenario intelligence ensures situational awareness for sudden crisis-management requiring immediate decisions (up-to-date briefings, current events assessment and risk management).

However, the information gathered is only valuable and relevant when combined with assessment, analytical expertise and a solution-driven approach. This is exactly what we offer at Percepto International. We have the means, and the expertise.

Our cutting-edge intelligence capabilities rely on outstanding tech-tools, multi-level robust data collection and monitoring systems, web targeting capacities, highly sophisticated operational means and unique long-lasting assets.

The leadership of the company served in prestigious careers in elite intelligence units of the IDF and other intelligence bodies. This hands-on acquired mastery provides us with a singular, solid system of methodology – assessment know-hows and capabilities. We know how to extract the relevant data from the mass-data gathered. To distinguish smoking-guns from lures. In a nutshell, to transform collected information to actionable operational intelligence.