Emphasizing the power of the visual, Russian playwright Anton Chekhov once said: “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” At the root of his call to “show — not tell” sat the intuition that people are visual creatures, now strongly supported by science. Thanks to the complexity of our cones, the tiny cells in the retina of the eye that respond to light, we distinguish 7,000,000 colors and, therefore, better absorb visual information than auditory and tactile. Because language is decoded linearly, and sequentially, our brains process visual images 60,000 times faster than written text. As 90% of information carried to our brains is visual, we also store images differently, transmitting them to the long-term memory more readily than words that tend to linger in our short-term memory and become forgotten.

Impressed by our brains’ faster and more effective response to visual data, companies in all industries have embraced visualization as a tool to get their messages across to their audiences. Visualized information on the internet has expanded by 9,000% and, within less than a decade, has transformed cyberspace into a largely visual sphere. Relying on visual forms of communication and design, companies have increasingly turned to visual content to convince their customers to purchase their products or believe in their concepts.

Percepto International makes an all-out effort to move with the times and implement advanced technology in its services and products. We understand the superior value of visual content and uphold the idea that companies in all sectors should accentuate visualization in their engagement with clients. To facilitate your use of visual data, we have studied AI video generators available in the market. Based on our research, we have compiled a list of five AI video creators offering the most powerful features. By using these features, you will enliven your content, training sessions, and your company’s meetings. You will also make your brand memorable, and your voice heard louder than those of your competitors.


This artificial intelligence video generator uses machine learning algorithms and advanced natural language processing (NLP) to create videos from texts in more than 50 languages. If you own a small business with no budget to hire professional actors or if you wish to create videos for your private purposes, Synthesia might be an ideal tool for your needs. The video creator transforms texts into videos without the help of actors, cameras, or even microphones. It scans and analyses the information written in your blog articles, posts, daily news, landing pages, and advertisements and then automatically generates meaningful and engaging video pieces.

You play only a small part in creating your videos: you just sign up on the Synthesia website, choose your AI avatar from nearly fifty options, and paste or type your script. In less than a few minutes, you are good to download and share your original video with your audience. Should you decide to translate your video to other languages, Synthesia takes care of translating, too. Helped by Synthesia’s translator, you may convey messages to your addressees worldwide in their mother tongues.


This video creator is powered by AI, making videos based on an input text. InVideo offers a rich depository of pre-designed and animated templates catered to customers’ different styles, tastes, and needs. The wide arsenal of professional templates will facilitate for you the video-making process. You will only need to add your text to a suitable template, several minutes after which your video will be ready for download. InVideo also lets you share your newly designed video across all social media channels: YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. A variety of existing templates will enable you to create different types of videos required for the blossoming of your business, from short memes and banners to presentations, sideshows, promotional videos, and video testimonials.


If you are an influencer on social media or wish to promote your business on social platforms, Pictory is the tool you should employ. It is an Artificial Intelligence video-generator geared toward creating short videos. It either makes short, sharable videos from texts or abridges long-form videos you want to size down. As is the case with other video creators, your active role in the process is reduced to a minimum. All you need to do is upload your text or long video, and Pictory will immediately produce a visual narrative capturing the attention of the public across social media channels and different applications. Short and catchy, your videos will easily be shared on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter, drawing more traffic to your products or services. Pictory will help you keep your pages across social media websites updated and boost your company’s online visibility.


This AI-powered tool is designed for proud parents who want to breathe life into the doodles and sketches authored by their offspring. If you are an owner of a company offering products or services for children or work in the educational sector, you might be interested in this tool, too, because it converts children’s drawings into animated cartoons. You will readily prick the curiosity of your young audience when you show them a video featuring moving images drawn by the hand of a child. To create a video with animated characters, you need to make several simple steps: upload your drawing on the sketch. metademolab platform, tweak it as you find necessary, and turn it into a moving cartoon. As you have a choice of movements your drawn character can perform, you can make it jump, walk, dance, and scratch various parts of the body. Highly entertaining for viewers of all ages, your animated video can be easily shared with the public with just one click of a button. Children will be particularly fascinated when they see doodles and their favorite cartoon characters move around in your videos.


This company is prominent in AI-driven creative media for launching a video platform enabling customers to bring photos to life. D-ID generates videos where content is delivered by the AI-animated presenter whose static image you choose from the company’s library or upload yourself. The person you create with the help of the D-ID technology can suit your business or personal purposes to a T. You are free to select not only your presenter’s ethnicity, gender, age, and language but also an accent and intonation. If you want your content to be delivered, say, by an elderly Asian man excitedly describing your services in Finnish with a Hungarian accent, you can easily bring such a person into being in your video. The creation of a customized video with D-ID Self-Service Studio is user-friendly. You just pick a photo, designate the details of the photographed person’s identity, and upload the typed script you want to be read in the video. In minutes, you will see your chosen image moving as if in a recorded video and speaking the text in a synthetic voice that sounds unmistakably human. By creating video images that resonate with your target audience, you will produce more engaging content without going through the hassle of negotiating the purposes and text of your video with professional actors or presenters.

The latest Artificial Intelligence technology has taught us to create attractive videos without requiring us to know how to shoot them, what camera and audio equipment to buy, how to arrange lightning, and how to edit videos when they are finally produced. Armed with AI video tools, you do not need to feel mind-boggled and helpless when making a video. The most fascinating videos are now produced in simple steps followed by anybody in need of a new video because AI technology has learned to cater to the human preference for visualized information.

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